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Deze website is opgedragen aan de mannen en vrouwen van de geallieerde strijdkrachten die in de Asia-Pacific Regio zijn omgekomen tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

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Affleck, C. David

Rank and Name, . First Lieutenant David C. Affleck

Unit/Placed, Quartermaster Corps, United States Army.

From the time of his capture, in May 1942, his place of internment was Cabanatuan Prison in the Philippines.

The next stop was a Camp in Japan, transportation with the “Hellship“ Oryko Maru,  First Lieutenant Affleck and 1,760 other American prisoners aboard.

The next two days American planes battered the ship and she Sunk at Subic Bay, after the attack he went a board the “HellShip“ Enoura Maru and headed for Japan . Again the Ship was Bombed  by the US Air Force , but escaped from further damage to Takao Dockside.

David was born in, 1907 Hamilton County, Ohio.


Father, William W. Affleck.

Mother, Nettie M. Affleck.


David enlisted the service in Ohio with service number # O-890052.


David was KIA on board the  “HellShip“ Enoura Maru, when it was Bombed by the US Air Force in Takao Harbor on Jan. 9, 1945, First Lieutenant David C. Affleck is honored with a Purple Heart and a POW Medal.


David is buried/mentioned at Manila American Cemetery and Memorial 
Manila, Metro Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines.
Tablets Of The Missing.


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“Each day an attempt was made to clear each barracks of the dying. They were removed to “zero” ward, laid on the bare floor entirely naked. These patients usually were profoundly emaciated, in fact, little better than skeletons with a feeble spark of life. Heroic corpsmen and doctors did what they could to alleviate the indescribable conditions.  They tied grass onto sticks and attempted to cleanse the floors.  They used the same method of cleansing the body.  Occasionally a big puddle of rainwater would provide enough water to wash the floor. At this time the use of the regular water supply system was strictly forbidden by the Japanese.  The few laymen who saw these conditions were utterly horrified.  Even the Japanese doctors would not enter these wards and the Japanese staff at Headquarters gave it a wide berth. “. 

Report courtesy of Jim Burnett, nephew to Camp 17 POW Billy Alvin Ayers #195

Hellship"Enoura Maru"
Hellship"Oryoku Maru"
Memorial Hellship"Enoura Maru"
Memorial Cabanatuan
Map of Sunken Hell-ships


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